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Test your knowledge! Business User self-assessment test (EXC-ELE-CN-294)


To enrol to the Business User Certification Track or not to enrol... that is a good question!

This self-assessment test is based on basic topics covered in the Business User Certification Track course.

Passing this self-assessment test with a mark of at least 80% indicates that you are probably familiar with most of inriver's basic front-end concepts. Of course, you are always welcome to refresh or even extend your knowledge about inriver by taking the Business User Certification Track course.

This self-assessment test includes 20 questions. There is no time limit to complete the test, but you need to complete all the questions in one go. This means that the system does not allow users to save progress and return to the remaining questions at a later date.

To start this self-assessment, click on Test.

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed