The Elastic Data Model (EXC-ELE-CN-263)
1. Get Started
The Elastic Data Model (EXC-ELE-CN-263)

Uncover inriver's core: the elastic data model

Explore the most central part of inriver, the elastic data model, and maximize your understanding of its core capabilities. This course is designed for those actively involved in inriver...

Get Started with inriver print 2.0 (EXC-ELE-CN-287)
2. Add-on functionalities
Get Started with inriver print 2.0 (EXC-ELE-CN-287)

Delve into inriver Print, the seamless bridge between inriver and Adobe InDesign, streamlining printed material production by ensuring real-time access to updated product data. Explore how it automates production using a centralized repository...

PIM Fundamentals (EXC-ELE-CN-291)
1. Get Started
PIM Fundamentals (EXC-ELE-CN-291)

New to PIM or need a quick refresher?

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of Product Information Management (PIM).

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain what PIM is and what problems it solves.
  • Explain what the...
Working smarter with inriver (EXC-ELE-CN-301)
1. Get Started
Working smarter with inriver (EXC-ELE-CN-301)

Work smart with inriver: Master workflows, and navigate change.

As a Business Consultant, master inriver workflows to analyze collaboration dynamics and optimize efficiency, addressing the specific needs of your PIM team. Whether your team is new...

Get Started with inriver Evaluate (EXC-ELE-CN-352)
2. Add-on functionalities
Get Started with inriver Evaluate (EXC-ELE-CN-352)

Boost conversion, revenue, and certainty with inriver Evaluate.

Inriver Evaluate unlocks opportunities to boost sales by acquiring valuable insights and maintaining oversight of your product information across digital channels. Learn the ins and...

Get Started with inriver Inspire (EXC-ELE-CN-354)
2. Add-on functionalities
Get Started with inriver Inspire (EXC-ELE-CN-354)

Learn inriver Inspire from scratch to mastery.

Explore everything you need to know to get started with inriver Inspire, from launching the platform to creating top-notch content.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • outline the initial...
Get started with inriver (EXC-ELE-CN-362)
1. Get Started
Get started with inriver (EXC-ELE-CN-362)

Master inriver Navigation: Attain expertise in navigating inriver effectively, paving the way for optimized product information management.

Explore inriver functionalities within various contexts and reflect on your workplace's unique setup while...

Developer Certification Track (EXP-BLE-CY-277)
3. Certifications
Developer Certification Track (EXP-BLE-CY-277)

Explore the fundamentals of crafting customizations, developing extensions, and integrating with inriver through our on-demand developer track. Dive into a comprehensive blend of video sessions, hands-on code assignments, and curated articles...

inriver Functionalities Overview (EXP-ELE-CN-262)
1. Get Started
inriver Functionalities Overview (EXP-ELE-CN-262)

Explore the fundamentals of inriver's core and additional functionalities in this skill pill. Tailored for diverse inriver users like product owners, project managers, business users, and product managers, gain insights into inriver's core and...

Get Started with inriver Syndicate (EXP-ELE-CN-270)
2. Add-on functionalities
Get Started with inriver Syndicate (EXP-ELE-CN-270)

Unlock the potential of syndication.

This course on syndication offers a foundational understanding for newcomers and enriches the knowledge of those seeking further insight. Gain a comprehensive, non-technical perspective on the value,...

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