Inriver sends out an invoice for the training fee to the course participants after the course has started. The course description includes the training fee. The fee includes access to the inriver Training Environment with a dedicated account that you can use during the workshops. Make sure to share the correct company address when you sign up.

Cancellation Policy:

This policy applies in the following events:

  • Certification Workshop
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Instructor-led Live Sessions

Cancellation initiated by inriver

Occasionally courses must be cancelled or rescheduled by us. Inriver Academy will send an email to advise you of the cancellation and, if possible, provide a new date for the course.

Cancellation initiated by the attendee

We acknowledge that sometimes there is a need to reschedule or cancel your enrolment from a course event. If you cannot attend, or no longer require a place, please provide notice of cancellation at least 10 working days before the course start date by sending an email to Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in your being invoiced in full for the event to which you registered.

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