3. Certifications

BC Certification Foundations (EXP-ELE-CY-316)


This course is the first stage (out of three) of the Business Consultant Certification Track. It helps you to build a strong theoretical understanding of the key processes in inriver implementation.

This course enables you to:

  • Explain the central part of an inriver implementation - the Elastic data model
  • Build an Elastic data model that is based on the business requirements
  • Lead an inriver implementation
  • Build the foundations that allow PIM teams to work efficiently with inriver


You need to have a basic understanding of inriver and PIM in general.

If you are completely new to inriver, we suggest taking the following courses first:

  • PIM Fundamentals (1,5 hrs.)
  • Navigating inriver (2 hrs.)
  • Inriver functionalities overview (2 hrs.)

Self-paced e-learning course that includes hands-on assignments.


Reserve at least 15 hours. We recommend spreading the course over multiple days.


free of charge

  • Let's begin!
  • Self-assesment Test
  • The Elastic data model
  • Submit your Assignment 1a
  • Assignment 1a - hints
  • The Product Item Split
  • Build the Elastic data model
  • Leading an inriver implementation
  • Submit your Assignment 2
  • Working smarter with inriver
  • What's next?
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed