User Fundamentals (Online/User)

This free course provides an introduction to inRiver's core applications (Supply, Enrich, Plan & Release and Publish). The purpose is to understand how to use all functionalities available with the core applications..
This course is suitable for all inRiver users including product owner, inRiver implementation project manager, end users, and product managers.

The Learning Objectives
You should be able to
• Explain how to onboard, maintain and remove product data
• Explain how to leverage workflow support tools including completeness, notifications, task and workareas

The course is divided into 20 modules that take about 10 minutes to complete each module.
  • Onboarding Data Manually
  • Importing Data Part 1
  • Importing Data Part 2
  • Onboarding Images Manually
  • Onboarding Images Manually
  • Workareas
  • How to Use Workareas
  • Quick Search
  • Quick Search
  • Queries
  • Query Editor
  • Create and Delete Entities Manually
  • Create and Delete Entities Manually
  • Enriching Attributes Manually
  • Editing Data Manually
  • Managing Jobs
  • Jobs
  • Excel Export
  • Exporting Product Data Through Excel Export in iPMC
  • Mass Update
  • Mass Update Tool
  • Copy Entity
  • Copy Data
  • Completeness
  • Working With Completeness
  • Notifications
  • Working With Notifications
  • Tasks
  • Working With Tasks
  • Working With CVL
  • Working With CVL
  • Working With Multi-Languages
  • Working With Multi-Languages
  • Specifications
  • Working With Specifications
  • Field Sets
  • Working With Fieldsets
  • Relations
  • Managing Relations
  • Plan & Release
  • Managing Channels in Plan & Release
  • Survey
  • User Fundamentals Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed