iPMC Certification Preparatory Course (CERT-PREP-01)


inRiver iPMC Certification Preparatory Course

This is a fully automated online course with no onsite or scheduled activities.

General Information

This course provides all the preparatory content and exercises that need to be completed before attending onsite Certification Training sessions.
This course stands on its own and provides a thorough introduction to the concepts and capabilities of iPMC:s fully adaptable Marketing Model.

Who is this for and what does it cost?

Participation in this course is free of charge and suitable both for inRiver Partners and inRiver Customer Power Users.
It doesn't require any previous knowledge of iPMC, but for someone completely unfamiliar with the concept of PIM and the basic concepts of data management it might require some extra effort to digest.

Course Format

The course is divided into units that take about 15 minutes each to complete.
A unit may be instructions and direction to reading located for example at inRiver's knowledge database Service Center. It may be instructional videos. It may be self-assessment exercises in a quiz or interactive format.

Studying on the go

You can access non-interactive material (and some interactive) on the go through the mobile app. It is available for both iOS and Android.
Download the TalentLMS app in the app store of your choice, log in with your user credentials and work away. The app will tell you what content is available through it.
If you prefer working directly via a browser, the web portal is fully adaptive and works pretty well on all devices.
N.b. two exercises - the Modeling Tool Exercise and the final Modeling Exercise - is not suitable for small screens.
  • Introduction
  • Introduction and Learning Goals
  • Accessing inRiver Service Center
  • iPMC and the PIM challenge
  • Introduction to the Marketing Model
  • The Marketing Model pt.1a
  • The Marketing Model pt.1b
  • The Marketing Model pt.1c
  • The Marketing Model pt.1d
  • Introduction to the iPMC User Portal and the Control Center
  • Interacting with iPMC
  • iPMC User Portal Overview
  • Control Center Overview pt.1
  • Control Center Overview pt.2
  • Getting to Know the Modeling Tool
  • The Productivity Supporting Tools of iPMC
  • Harmony in Workload
  • The Marketing Model Continued
  • The Marketing Model pt.2a
  • The Marketing Model pt.2b
  • The Marketing Model pt.2c
  • A Summarizing Modeling Exercise
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed