Syndication Workshop USA CT (EXC-BLE-CN-307)
2. Add-on functionalities
Syndication Workshop USA CT (EXC-BLE-CN-307)

Welcome to the inriver Syndication Workshop!

The purpose of this workshop is to enable you to successfully use the Syndication program. You will be guided step by step through the syndication functionalities in an interactive format where our...

The Elastic data model (EXC-ELE-CN-263)
1. Get Started
The Elastic data model (EXC-ELE-CN-263)
We designed the skill pill for you who  is eager to learn more about the most central part of inriver, the elastic data model.  These lessons are intended to serve as an introduction to inriver's elastic data model, providing a holistic...
Navigating inriver (EXC-ELE-CN-264)
1. Get Started
Navigating inriver (EXC-ELE-CN-264)
This inriver skill pill helps you to navigate the main parts of the inriver platform. You get familiar with the
  • Main dashboard
  • Enrich- dashboard and entity overview
  • Toolbar Widgets
  • Entity cards
Create a publication with inriver print 2.0 (EXC-ELE-CN-287)
2. Add-on functionalities
Create a publication with inriver print 2.0 (EXC-ELE-CN-287)

This course is for you who are new to inriver Print. After completing the course, you should be able to: 

  • Identify the main components of inriver Print
  • Explain the typical process of an inriver Print production
  • Configure a data set for a...
PIM Fundamentals (EXC-ELE-CN-291)
1. Get Started
PIM Fundamentals (EXC-ELE-CN-291)

New to PIM or need a quick refresher?

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of Product Information Management (PIM).

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain what PIM is and what problems it solves.
  • Explain what the...
Test your knowledge! Business User self-assessment test (EXC-ELE-CN-294)
1. Get Started
Test your knowledge! Business User self-assessment test (EXC-ELE-CN-294)

To enrol to the Business User Certification Track or not to enrol... that is a good question!

This self-assessment test is based on basic topics covered in the Business User Certification Track course.

Passing this self-assessment test with a mark...

Working smarter with inriver (EXC-ELE-CN-301)
1. Get Started
Working smarter with inriver (EXC-ELE-CN-301)

Why this course?

Implementing inriver means analyzing how a Product Information Management (PIM) team collaborates and recommending changes to their workflow so that they can make the most out of working with inriver. And as a Business Consultant,...

Developer Certification Track 2022 (EXP-BLE-CY-277)
3. Certifications
Developer Certification Track 2022 (EXP-BLE-CY-277)

In this course you learn the basics to get started with creating customizations and developing extensions and integrations in inriver. The course combines video sessions, code assignments and links to relevant articles in the inriver...

inriver functionalities overview (EXP-ELE-CN-262)
1. Get Started
inriver functionalities overview (EXP-ELE-CN-262)
This skill pill provides an introduction to the core and add on functionalities of inriver and is suitable for all inriver users, such as product owners, inriver implementation project managers, business users or product managers.  Without going...
Get Started with inriver syndicate (EXP-ELE-CN-270)
2. Add-on functionalities
Get Started with inriver syndicate (EXP-ELE-CN-270)

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